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Brunch like a boss at home this weekend!


For those like myself, weekends are all about brunch. Discovering the best brunch hot spots in Sheffield is a hard one as we have so many fantastic choices. 

This week we are providing you with some inspiration to create your very own delicious brunch from the comfort of your home. 


First up we have one of my personal favourites! 


French Toast

Using only five ingredients, making French toast is easy to make but wow does it taste good, you can add any toppings onto your French toast allowing you to make it over and over again. 


Check out BBC food guides French toast recipe and have a go with the sweet or savoury topping variations.



Bacon & Egg easy Crumpet’s


The Bacon & Egg crumpets are a brilliant option if you want an easy brunch recipe for lazy weekends. 

Only four ingredients required! 


Check out Olive magazine’s Method to make them perfect.


If you fancy making crumpets from scratch, they do require a little more time and patience, but you can’t beat them! 


Jamie Oliver has a great recipe, so why not give it a try?



Moroccan tomatoes


This Vegetarian brunch is not only a cheap brunch option but will take you no more than 15 minutes. 

This Moroccan dish can be mixed up by adding different varieties of vegetables. 


Check out good to knows easy recipe.



Bacon & Maple syrup waffles


If you struggle to choose between sweet or savoury? Then this is the brunch for you! 


When I first fancied making my waffles at home, I suddenly panicked as I don’t own a waffle maker but fear not folks you can create your very own waffle by merely using a grill pan! 


Super easy check it out –


The recipe for waffles is pretty straight forward, but James Martins recipe is my personal favourite:



Eggs Benedict 


An absolute classic that you will find on the brunch menu of most restaurant’s/cafes.

Making hollandaise sauce is the main put off for people, but it’s not that difficult, and when you cut into your brunch and taste how amazing it is, you will not be disappointed. 


I use this quick and straightforward blender recipe:


Making the eggs is pretty straight forward also. Check out Delish’s step by step instructions for the best results.




When Covid-19 is a thing of the past, and you want to check out what Sheffield has to offer. Be sure to check them out via Nosh Now and we will save you some money while doing so: 



Enjoy and don’t forget to share any pictures with us! 


Team Nosh Now