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Working from home survival guide.

If you are not used to working from home, looking at the same wall for hours on end and are struggling to keep motivated or sane then check out these 10 top tips that will help you make it through the day! 

1. Wake up at least an hour before you are due to log on. 

2. Get ready as if you are going into the office. (Shower, get dressed, clean your teeth)

3. Create a structure to your day. (Google chrome have some brilliant add ons to help you with this, create a to-do list with a time limit on)  

4. Pick your workspace wisely. Create a set up away from distractions, make it your own and make sure you are comfy. 

5. Write down a daily goal that you want to achieve.

6. Don’t forget to get up and have a break now and again. Set a time limit for each break and commit to it.  

7. While I would typically recommend having a coffee shop working hour, due to our current circumstances, this wouldn’t be safe, but a bit of background noise is always a good thing. Pop the radio on a low volume, and don’t forget you can sing along as loud as you want while in the comfort of your own home. 

8. Stay connected to co-workers. You are not alone, and you don’t need to feel isolated. Be the person who sets up a Skype work chat or add your colleagues on google hangouts.

9. Your jobs around the house wouldn’t usually get done during your working day. So try not to get into the habit of sneaking off to clean your cupboards out. But hey I’m not saying you can’t benefit from the odd load of washing here and there but don’t make to much of a habit of it. 

10. When your working day is done, take a short walk around the block to switch off, unwind and begin your evening.